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July 15, 2009
After a few days of slow fishing they Kings and Spanish showed up again. Congrats to Zahir Wilder on his first King.  All in all there were 9 Kings caught today most of which were on the small side ( baby killers !! ). There seems to be some kind of bet going on as to who can catch the smallest King. ;OP
They aslo caught Spanish Mackerel on plugs and king rigs, Flounder on minnows, Pompano, a few Spade Fish and Croaker. At night they picking up Croaker, small Spot, Whiting


July 11, 2009
Another fun and exciting day for Kingers, 3 of our newest Kingers caught their first Kings today. Congrats to Tyler Powers age 14, Troy Bridges and Jamie Pierce.
Spanish Mackerel were also caught on king rigs and plugs along with Blues. On the bottom they caught Flounder, Sheepshead, Pompano, Spade Fish, a few spot and Pigfish.


July 8, 2009

Another great day for King Mackerel, 6 were caught and a few were lost. They also caught Blues and a few Spanish on plugs, Pompano, Spade Fish, Croaker, small Spot, small Whiting, some Flounder and Pigfish

July 4, 2009
Happy 4th of July to everyone! For those who chose not to stay home and BBQ were rewarded with King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Flounder, Blues, Pompano, Trout, small Spot, Sheepshead, Pigfish, Whiting and Croaker :o)
Fire Works at 9 pm...see ya there


June 21, 2009

The past few days they have been catching King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel on King rigs and plugs ,Pompano, Blues, Spade Fish, Flounder, mostly during the high tides, Pigfish, some Whiting and a few small Spot. At night mostly small Whiting, Croaker, Pigfish, the ever annoying pinfish and small sharks.


June 30, 2009

The past few days they have caught Blues and Spanish on plugs, plenty of Flounder on minnows, Pompano, Spade Fish, Sheepshead, small Whiting, small Spot, Croaker, Pigfish. At night still the same as a few days ago, Croaker, Pigfish, small Whiting, some Spot and plenty of small sharks.


Fishing Report June 16, 2009

Monday was a dream day for Kingers !!! David Blanton Jr. Landed his first King, a 32 lb 4 oz citation King at that. 3 other Kings were caught along with a Bonita, 2 Barracudas, plenty of Spanish Mackerel caught on both King rigs and plugs and Blues on plugs. On the bottom they were catching Spade Fish, few Pompano, Flounder 2- 3 lb range and a few Black Drum, Croaker. At night mostly small Shark and Croaker is all I've heard about. Tuesday they brought in 2 Kings, Blues and Spanish on plugs. The afternoon slowed down a bit with just a few Croaker and small Whiting caught.


April 28, 2009

Was a good day for fishing Tuesday. Nice size Whiting were caught in the morning off the end. A few Flounder as well but still on the small side. The afternoon got even better as the Spanish and Blues, Blues and more Blues moved through. It had slowed down by the time I left last night, just a few small Whiting.


August 29, 2008

Great morning for Spanish Mackerel and Blues. They were catching them on plugs during the high tide this morning and it slowed down at low tide. Caught a few more Blues during the eveing high tide but no more Spanish. After dark they started picking up nice Croaker and Whiting. A few Spade Fish and Ribbon Fish were caught as well


August 26, 2008

Once again they were catching plenty of Spanish Mackerel but unfortunately none of them were legal and all went back into the water. Few Flounder caught in the early part of the day yesterday but none today. Spade Fish and Pompano small Whiting and Croaker were caught during the day and Croacker were still biting tonight.


August 19, 2008
No Kings caught today but they were catching Spanish Mackerel and Blues on plugs early this morning and again later this afternoon. Plenty of Spade Fish today as well. There were some Flounder caught the past few days but none today that I am aware of. They were cathcing Croaker pretty good and some very nice size Whiting towards the end of the pier when I left.

August 18, 2008

Jersey Jim caught 2 nice King Mackerel today 24 & 26 pounders. Max Weavil caught himself a 21 pound Barracuda. They were also catching a few Flounder, Spade Fish, small Pompano, small Whiting and nice size Croaker.


August 6, 2008
Fishing has been slow for the past few days. Flounder mostly caught in the mornings and Croaker later in the evenings when it cools down a bit. Winds still blowing SW and keeping the fish in deeper waters. Sorry folks, wish I had better news today but you never know what tomorrow brings...


June 6, 2008
Fishing has been fairly slow the past week or so. Only one 13 lb 14.50 oz King caught By Jim "Jersey" Wilder so far. They are picking up some Spanish and Blues in the early mornings on plugs. Yesterday they caught a few blues,Spanish, small Spots, Flounder and a few Croaker. The water has been dirty for the past few days,  wind has been blowing out of the SE/SW. Water temperature right now is 74- 76 degrees. Temperatures today will reach 98 degrees with winds blowing out of the WSW.... looks like even the fish are heading for deeper waters to stay cool.....

Kids Tournament went well yesterday, everyone had a great time despite the heat.


May 13, 2008

Fishing has been slow the past few days with the wind blowing pretty steady out the W-SW and the water dirty. They are picking up a few Blues today on bottom rigs and plugs. At night it has mostly been small Whiting on shrimp for those brave enough to fight the wind...

MAY 7, 2008

Another beautiful day in PARADISE....Catching Blues, Spanish Mackerel and Pompano today. No Kings yet but everyone is having fun.....

May 6, 2008
Another fun filled day with catching those big Blues. They caught smaller blues and some small Spanish Mackerel during the day where as the larger ones were caught either early in the morning or late at night.
David Blanton is still holding on to the first place lead with his 10.51 lb Bluefish. Kurt Blaha came awfully close to knocking him off the board tonight with his 9.97 lb Blue. Turning out to be one heck of a race.....


Fishing Report  June 21, 2007

The first day of Summer officially started off with a bang...They caught 3 more King Mackerel today as well as one very very nice Flounder caught by Chris Howey. I was told by the King Fishermen that there were plenty of Spanish Mackerel in the water but hardly anyone was able to catch one. Aside from Kings and Flounder the fishing has been slow. They are catching a Pompano, Black Drum, small Virginia Mullet every now and then as well as the occasional Spot or Sea Bass.


Fishing Report June 19, 2007

Things are picking up again now that the water is clearing up after the NE Winds we had. They are catching King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Blues, Flounder, Spade Fish, Pompano, Croaker, some Virginia Mullet and even a few Spots have been caught. Spanish Mackerel and Blues mostly in the earlier part of the day. \ =

Fishing Report June 12, 2007

Three more Kings caught this morning. Rick And Sally Bradley each caught one and Mike Freeman caught his first King ever. Spanish Mackerel were running in the morning as well as Blues. The rest of the day was pretty slow, picked up some small Croaker during the day but not much else was mentioned. Haven't heard of many keeper size Flounder being caught the past few days. Roger Horton and his son Austin both caught a King Mackerel on June 11, 2007


Fishing Report June 10, 2007

We have had 6 King Mackerel caught in the past 4 days. Johnny Pfeffer caught and released a nice size Barracuda today. The Blues and Spanish Mackerel were running heavy today. They did pick up a few small Flounder but nothing to brag about. Catching a lot of Spade Fish the past few days as well as some Pompano. Croaker mostly at night. Bottom fishing has been slow, Spanish Mackerel and Blues are being caught on Got-cha Plugs.


Fishing Report June 7, 2007

The past few days were very slow for fishing. The water was extremely dirty for a day or so after the storm passed.They caught a few small Virginia Mullet, a few Blues, Flounder and Croaker. It picked up late yesterday afternoon when a large school of Blues came through. Today David Bradshaw and Cruz Acosta both caught themselves a 24+ lb King Mackerel and Charles Hobson landed himself a very nice 6 lb 8.25 oz Spanish Mackerel. They were also catching plenty of Blues again today. Heard of some Flounder caught but no keeper size. I honestly couldn't tell you what else was caught out there today, people were too busy talking about the Kings and the big Spanish that were caught. Looks like The Kings have arrived....


May 21, 2007

They were catching a few Pompano, Spade Fish, Virginia Mullet and Flounder but no keepers this morning on an outgoing tide. It was fairly slow throughout the afternoon. Fishing did pick up again in the early evening on the incoming high tide. They were catching some Pompano, Virginia Mullet and even a very nice size Spanish Mackerel

Fishing Report May 19, 2007

They have still been catching the big Blues the past few days. Yesterday was the 9th Annual Disabled Sportsman's Fishing Tournament and we had a great turnout. They had a small Flounder that was determined to be caught due to the fact this same small .o6 oz Flounder was caught and thrown back several times throughout  the duration of the Tournament...There were also some small Virginia Mullet and Croaker caught. Today they are catching some Flounder, Small Blues and Virginia Mullet

Fishing Report May 15, 2007

The storm finally pasted and the winds have calmed down. Picking up some big Blues again and some Croaker in the evenings. King Mackerel Fishing started today. No Kings caught yet. Water is still dirty from the storm, hopefully that will change in the next day or so. Water temperature is between 68 - 70 degrees.

Fishing Report May 11, 2007

Been slow the past few days. Strong NE winds blowing, rough water. Not many people trying to brave the weather...

Fishing Report  May 5, 2007

Big Bluefish being caucht the past few days as well as some small Virginia Mullet,Croaker, a few small Spanish Mackerel, Black Drum and some small Flounder.

Fishing Report  May 5, 2007
Big Bluefish being caucht the past few days as well as some small Virginia Mullet,Croaker, a few small Spanish Mackerel, Black Drum and some small Flounder.
Fishing Report May 11, 2007
Been slow the past few days. Strong NE winds blowing, rough water. Not many people trying to brave the weather...
April 8, 2007

We are officially open for the season and it's starting off with Virginia Mullet, Croaker and some small Blues being caught. Water temperature is 59-60 degrees right now. Wishing all a Happy Easter.


Fishing Report October 22, 2006
Yesterday was finally a good day for fishing with a wide variety of fish being caught mostly on an outgoing low tide. Blues and Spanish Mackerel on Got-cha Plugs out on the end. Spots on Bloodworms and artificial Bloodworms. Black Drum, Pompano, Virginia Mullet and Blowfish all on shrimp. It did slow down after dark but they were still picking up some Croaker and small Virginia Mullet. They are still catching Spots and Pompano right now just not as heavy as yesterday and only on the left side of the Pier. The wind is still blowing NE and the water temperature is in the mid to lower 70's.


Fishing Report Update October 16, 2006

Fishing is starting to pick up a bit. They were catching Blues and Spanish Mackerel mainly on Got-cha Plugs yesterday on an outgoing tide. Pompano were caught as well throughout the morning. A few Flounder and Sheepshead were pulled up several times this week. We haven't seen many Spots the past few days. They might catch on every now and then. Catching Croaker and Virginia Mullet mostly at night. They are still catching some Spanish Mackerel and Blues today as well as some Flounder on the side.


Fishing Report Update September 17, 2006
The past week has been great for fishing. On Monday Sept.11, 2006 the Spots started moving in. They really picked up on Tuesday. They bit all day Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the day and slowed down at night. Friday they hardly caught a Spot during the day but another school moved in around midnight and they continued to fill their coolers until 5:30 - 6 am. Other than that they were catching some Blues, Croaker and Whiting at the beginning of the week.
Yesterday Sept. 16th was one heck of a day. A wide variety of fish were caught from a few Flounder, Blues, Spanish Mackerel, small Whiting, small Pompano, Spade Fish and even a King Mackerel and some Spots, which picked up later in the evening. Ben Humphrey caught his First King Mackerel yesterday. CONGRATS to Ben !!!
The 2nd Annual "Little" Mike Edwards went well. All involved had a great time even though the Flounder gave them all a run for their money...Timothy Barrier won 1st Place, Patrick Poindexter came in 2nd. Plenty of Door Prizes were handed out. The weather was perfect and as mentioned everyone had a great time. Thanks to all that entered...hope to see you all again next year for the "Little" Mike's Tournament.


8 - 30 - 06
Fishing Report
We had a nice run on smaller Spanish Mackerel late yesterday morning, early afternoon. They were catching the Spanish ,oddly enough, not on Got-cha Plugs but on Sabiki Rigs !!! That's a first for me...
There were also a few Blues, Spots and small Virginia Mullet caught. A few larger Virginia Mullet were caught later at night as well as small Croaker. Weighed in a nice 1 lb 3 oz Mullet around 10 pm.

One Sheepshead caught and one keeper size Flounder.


8 - 28 - 06
There were two King Mackerel caught. Small Spanish Mackerel and Blues most 1 1/2 lbs or less on Got-Cha Plugs. They caught a few Flounder, two at least were legal in the morning. Other then that, Pinfish, Croaker and a few Spots were caught during the day.
A very large school of Jack Cravelles went by around 2 pm. One was hooked but not landed.

Around 8 pm a nice school of 1 - 3 lb Pompano came through. Blues followed shortly thereafter.


Fishing Report Update 8 - 25 - 06
It seems to be a good week for King Mackerel & Spanish Mackerel. Charles "JR" Hay landed a 15 lb King Yesterday and Tony Hay a 6 lb Spanish Mackerel. Plenty of Flounder the past few days. They are also catching Blues, Ribbon Fish, Croaker, small Whiting and small Spots. Not hearing much from the surf other then nice size Whiting when using the right bait, Sand Fleas...

Sam Ream just landed himself a 25 lb King and John Beal hooked an 8 lb King on a Gotcha Plug. Turning out to be another good day for fishing.


8 - 8 - 06
We finally had a E-NE wind yesterday and the fishing picked up. We had a nice but short Spanish Mackerel run late yesterday afternoon. Size ranging between 1 - 2 pounds. Pompano were also being caught as well as a few Blues, Flounder, Croaker and Spots. Winds shifting back to W-SW today which could slow things down again.
Cindy Linville landed a very nice 6 lb 5 oz Sheepshead on August 2, 2006 which puts her in the lead in the tournament.


July 30, 2006

It finally looks like things are picking up. Brett Russell landed a very nice 36 lbs King Mackerel and Mark Plott caught and released a beautiful Tarpon. Tim and Mickie Keziah both landed nice Flounders the past few days. Had two large Spanish Mackerel on but lost both. Other then that they are catching some small Spot, Flounder, Croaker, Pompano, Ribbon Fish,small Black Bass, small Virginia Mullet and of course Sharks. Not doing bad in the surf either, Pompano, Mullet, Drum and Spots.


Fishing Report May 16, 2006

Fishing has been fair the past few days, the water has been dirty the last two days. They have landed some Flounder but most are still on the small side. Blues were running for an hour around noon yesterday, other then that pretty slow the rest of the day. Expecting the wind to shift to the SW sometime today. Might be good for Spanish Mackerel again. Other then that just some Virginia Mullet.
No Kings caught as of today.
Small Blues and Virginia Mullet being caught today....

Fishing Report Update  September 30, 2005

After the storm it took about two days before fishing really picked up and
boy was it good. We had a wide variety of fish caught, Blues, Pompano, Spot,
Whiting, Spanish Mackerel, Flounder and lets not forget the Pinfish. We
haven't had a good Spot run yet but we did have a few days last week when
they bit pretty steady for a few hours at night. There haven't been any King
Mackerel caught in the past two weeks even though they are out there. Many
Kingfishermen watch them swim around their bait. The water has been dirty
for the past few days and I hate to admit it has been really slow out there.
Hopefully things will pick up today.

Fishing Report September 4, 2005

It has been fairly slow the past few days. No King Mackerel have been caught
since Bill Jones caught his last week. They were catching some Flounder,
Mullet, Pompano and Blues yesterday as well as a few Spanish Mackerel. Blues
are coming in mainly later in the evenings. There have been a few Spot
caught through the week but no big runs yet. Water temperature is still 85
degrees. Winds blowing out of the NE at 10-15 today

Fishing Report July 17, 2005

There was a White Grunt caught on July 12th from the Pier which is a very
rare catch. No one can recall every seeing one caught from the Pier. They
are catching plenty of Flounder and more of them are keepers. There haven't
been anymore Kings caught since the 10th but there was a nice Spanish
caught. Pulling in Croaker and Mullet mostly at night. A few small Spot  on
Friday as well. Winds have been blowing out of the southwest and the water
has been calm.

Fishing Report Update July 12, 2005

Been pretty descent the past few days, they have been catching Spanish
Mackerel, Blues, Spade Fish, Sheepshead , Flounder and a few Pompano and
Trout. We had yet another 26 lb Barracuda caught over the weekend as well as
a few Kings. At night they are mainly pulling in some Croaker and Mullet.
Always plenty of Sharks out there.

Fishing Report Update June 19, 2005

The King Mackerel are in the water and they have caught several in the past
few days. Angie Bradley caught her first King weighing 36 lbs. Had a 24 lbs
and 16 lbs King caught two days later. Forest Jones knocked Tom Harty off
the board for Spanish Mackerel caught on a Gotcha Plug. Steven Whaley had
himself a nice fight with a 8 - 9 foot Hammerhead Shark. Brought it to the
surface for all to see and then cut his line. Congrats to Steven, it was a
beautiful sight. They are catching plenty of Blues on Gotchas and we have
had a few runs on Spanish as well. There are some Pompano,Whiting, Spadefish
and Flounder being caught. We haven't seen to many keeper size Flounder yet
though. For the most part it's Blues Blues and more Blues...Oh yeah, lets
not forget the Sharks and Skates, always plenty of those.

Fishing Report Update May 21, 2005

It's been a great few days for Blues and Spanish Mackerel. Plenty of happy
faces leaving the pier with their fill of fish. Flounder are also being
caught but most of them still on the small side. At night their catching
Croaker and Mullet along with plenty of Skates and Sharks. No Kings as of
yet even though they did have a few runs yesterday, most likely Blues
We do have some names to put on the Leader Board. Harlee Garganious is in
the lead with his 7 lbs. 8.5 oz Blue caught on a Gotcha Plug. Tom Harty is
in the lead in the Spanish Mackerel on a plug category with his Spanish
weighing in at 1 lbs. 8.5 oz. There have been several other Blues caught on
King Rigs but unfortunately none of those fishermen were entered in the
tournament. All in all it's been great for fishing, grab your rod and reel
and come on down...

Fishing Report May 2, 2005

They are catching plenty of Blues right now and have been all day so far. We
had a very nice but short run on Blues yesterday but it looks like they will
be staying a while today. Mullet, Blues and Drum are being caught in the
surf. Looks like the temperature is warming up enough for some of the fish
to move in closer. The weather has been nice the past few days and that is
helping the water warm up. I would suggest you grab your fishing rod and
come on down.

Fishing Report April 18, 2005

Finally the Typhoon force winds have died down and the fishermen no longer
need to tie themselves to the railing. Believe it or not we did actually
have a few die-hards that braved the wind and cold weather and had the joy
of announcing, once the were able to catch their breath, that they caught
some Mullet and even a few small Blues in all that mess. The winds even blew
in a Porgy which is a rare sight. It's a beautiful day out there today.
Temperatures will reach the 70's and winds are blowing out of the NE 5-10
mph. Their catch some Mullet out there right now and who knows what the
tides will bring.
Come on down and spend the day fishing and don't forget to join the fun and
sign up for the 2005 Kure Pier fishing Tournament.

Fishing Report April 13, 2005

Fishing has been slow the past few weeks but they are starting to catch some
Virginia Mullet on the end of the pier. They were catching some small Spot
the past two days on the incoming tides. Other then that it's been plenty of
Sharks and Skates. The water temperature is still in the upper 50's


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