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Best Viewed at
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Fishing Pictures from Kure Pier - Season Year 2000

As we have said before pictures are worth a thousand starting with the Year 2000 season here is our first catch to be shown. More pictures will follow as they are caught. There will be flounder, cobia, king mackerel, spanish mackerel and blue fish pictures to make that fisherman in all of us want to drop a line and hook off the pier and catch that big one we have all dreamed about. Some will be  "NC Citation Fish" that wins an official "North Carolina Citation Award", so give them a chance to load up and SEE THEM ALL!...and Thanks for visiting our picture page.

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Located in the Center of Kure Beach, NC
P.O. Box 150, Kure Beach, North Carolina 28449
Phone (910) 458-5524


Opens April 1st through November 30th -  One Rod and Reel per Person $5.00 per Fisherman
King Fishing - $12 * May 15th - October 1st * 3 Rods * 6am to Sunset
Shark Fishing -  $12 * June 1st - Sept. 15th * 3 Rods * 12 am to 6am


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